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Airline interview preparation

DLR, Interpersonal & Aerologic Test Preparation

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Online live seminars repeatable free of charge within 12 months


Airline Entry Training is a product of AET Aviation and specializes in preparing for airline assessments. In addition to preparation for the DLR, Interpersonal and Höhnerbach test, we offer simulator and interview training for the vast majority of airlines. 

Our team consists of experienced captains, instructors and qualified psychologists. 


We train you comprehensively on all airline procedures that require, among other things, the DLR, Interpersonal and Höhnerbach test. The assessments of most airlines differ only minimally.


 Our modules in detail:

DLR  (BU/BQ/GU), IP, Aerologic Test

 Preparation Part 1

  • Preparation for the basic examination (BU, BQ & GU) of DLR, Interpersonal and Aerologic via online live seminar 
  • 5 intensive days spread over several weekends 
  • Repeatable free of charge for participants within 12 months 
  • Preparation software also available 









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Simulator & Screening


  • Airline-specific simulator preparation for all airlines 
  • Different locations in Europe 
  • Well-chosen, highly competent simulator trainers (SFI/TRI/TRE) with years of experience on the aircraft type 
  • Flight simulators certified by the Federal Aviation Office exclusively 
  • Intensive airline-specific briefing & debriefing







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DLR Test (FQ/FU/GQ) & IP 

Vorbereitung Teil 2

  • Theoretical foundations of psychological selection 
  • Group games with debriefing with qualified psychologists 
  • Active & passive disputes 
  • Interview training with airline psychologists 










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"Thank you again for this super preparation by a very competent instructor!! 

Very pleasant lesson, very well structured and adapted to the performance curve. A lot of helpful tips and tricks about how to solve the tests better and easier."


Markus S. (25), Flugschüler


I can only warmly recommend you, AET-Aviation, to anyone who wants to make a professional preparation. One can tell, that your firm is a specialist of the field. I also found your general advice and strategies on the job market very valuable." 

Tobias M. (23), Flugschüler

The best screening preparation I have had so far! Super instructor who responded to my weaknesses, very good briefing and debriefing - also the video analysis was very helpful. You noticed that the coach really wanted me to get better."  


Alex K. (28), A320 First Officer

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